Nokia Lumia 920 – Blueteeth and Screenshots

So another day with the Nokia Lumia 920 and I’ve discovered something I thought would be easy, isn’t.
I wanted to share a photo and a video with my girlfriend who has a Nokia Lumia 800. We thought Bluetooth would be the easiest way to transfer them. However when we both turned on Bluetooth and chose the ‘Share via Bluetooth’ neither of us could share to our devices. Amy’s came up with a message saying my device ‘wasn’t compatible’ and her Mum’s phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) wouldn’t transfer the media either.
I believe that this is a terrible flaw! I don’t know if it’s just a Windows Phone thing or generally mobile phones don’t like sending photos and videos via Bluetooth.
Have you tried sending media via Bluetooth media?
I’ve also been downloading lots of apps. My app list now has letter sections and when you tap a letter it gives you all the available letters. It was a bit of a surprise but I think I like it.
Oh and I’ve discovered that I can do screenshots! Here’s some shots from menus and my Start Screen.

Staffs Union Activities Awards Evening

On Friday night it was the Staffordshire University Students’ Union Activities Awards Evening (a mouthful, I know!).

I had the pleasure of attending the evening with my gorgeous girlfriend, Amy, and we sat with the others from One Media Group.

We enjoyed a three course meal, even if the beef was a bit tough, including a very chocolaty desert!

Before the meal the Society colours were awarded and many of the management, including myself, got colours which are described as “the highest recognition a society can give to its members”.

OMG as a whole had been nominated in several categories for other awards and on the night we found out that we had been short listed for Event of the Year (Divide – a regular alternative music evening) and Society of the Year. Neither of which we won, but we were up against some tough competition.

OMG also presented its own awards to some of the team, and unlike last year, the winners were not told in advance. Maddy Andrews received Best Journalist for her coverage of the Shelton Siege, Best Female Presenter went to Naina Rishiraj for a second year whilst Best Male Presenter (an award which I won last year) went to Steven Cummiskey. Best Format was awarded to Liam Maxwell for his Monday show, Decade Jukebox.

The final award that OMG presented was the Outstanding Contribution Award. I am amazed to say that this was awarded to Oliver Needham! It was a great shock as I wasn’t expecting anything like this at all! I did have a little tear in my eye as I accepted an award and received a little plaque!

As I didn’t get to make a speech, I’d just like to thank everyone who I’ve worked with this year at OMG. If it hadn’t been the support and encourage of management and also the Students’ Union then the new website and outside broadcasts wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Also a thank you to my girlfriend, Amy Sims, who was there supporting me and offering a different perspective when I needed it the most. It was a pleasure to share the awards evening with her, and she looked stunning as well!

Here’s to another year of OMG progressing and being even better than it already is!

Photo courtesy of Amy Sims.

Kinder Surprise Disappointment

Last weekend (17th March), Amy bought me a Kinder Surprise Egg.

I remember buying them from the independently ran shop (which is now a ‘Premier’) near my house in my hometown, for about 40p.

I got rather excited with my Kinder Surprise as I hadn’t had one in ages! I knew that they had changed the capsule which holds the toy (they’ve made it easier to get in).

The toys weren’t what they used to be either; they’re now very simple, two or three piece figures which don’t tend to do very much. I remember getting a car that had some strange gear/spinning wheel thing inside it which was awesome!

My toy in my March 2012 Kinder Surprise was an elephant which was three pieces. It wasn’t challenging or that exciting.

My disappointment came when I looked at the piece of paper inside that described which series of toys it was from. It showed the other animals from the series and then showed a small lion icon. Above it was a diagram that showed if you visited their website and showed the icon to your webcam, it would reveal more content.

However when I visited the website it was just health and product information about Kinder products. I checked I put the address in correctly and then went searching on their site for this extra content. There was none to be found!

I went to their contact page and wrote this following message:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I recently bought a Kinder Surprise.

I was delighted with the toy, however when I went to and chose the United Kingdom as my country, I was appalled to see that there was nowhere for me to scan my Natoons lion symbol. On the diagram below the symbol, it showed that I could hold it up to my webcam, and that magic would happen.

I am unsure what magic, but I was unable to find out where to scan my symbol.

Please could you re-enable this feature on your website, so that I may get the full enjoyment out of my Kinder Surprise experience.

If not, may I have another Kinder Egg to complete my experience.

Thank you very much.


That was a genuine email and I hope that they do reply to me.

I wonder how many other children have been disappointed with their Kinder Surprise experience. It’s certainly worse that mine from when I was a child.

If there any developments, I’ll let you know!

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